Friday, November 19, 2010

Time for a trimming

Camille got her first haircut today. The straggly unevenness of her hair was really starting to bug me. Every time I've mentioned cutting her hair Brad would say, "I like it long, don't cut it." So, while he was at work today I didn't cut it, I just trimmed it. It was just a little trim about an inch off the bottom. I doubt anyone will be able to tell.



See not much!

P.S. Don't you love her outfit? Camille says it looks good because, "The dress and the shirt both have pink and purple on them so they match."


Didi & Jason said...

I love how long her hair is and it looks great! I miss you guys. The other day driving down the road I was like...poor me when seeing your house :(

Melody said...

I can't belive how grown-up she is looking. At least once every few days Wyatt asks if we can see Aunt Kawen and Camille, he misses you- in fact, we all do! I am getting ready to trin Jana's again, I also get a little bugged with uneven length.

MAK said...

Good for you it looks great!

Emma has the same fashon sense. I keep telling myself it is a phase.

thedeanfamily said...

I could have used your expertise the other day when I decided to "trim" Bailee's hair. I ended up butchering it and it is now quite a bit shorter than I anticipated. I didn't realize how long Camille's hair was, I really think her and Bai would hit it off.