Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Thriftiest Family in America

There was this thing on Oprah yesterday (Yes, I'm a housewife ofttimes Oprah is on at our house.) about the thriftiest families in America. I was really impressed by Stephanie Nelson, The CouponMom, she took Oprah's cameras shopping to show how much you can save if you shop right.

"With coupons in hand, Stephanie hits the store and fills up her shopping cart with $127 worth of groceries. "Don't panic," she says. "That's not what we're paying." As the clerk scans coupon after coupon, the total falls lower and lower—until it hits $37.16, a 71 percent savings!"

This lady is saving $90 a week on her grocery bill. I want to be more thrifty! I want to be in better control of my budget. I'm sure it takes some practice. (Stephanie's been doing it for 15 years.) Here's a link 5 Ways to Save Money on Groceries By Stephanie Nelson


Trisha Martin said...

All my "thrifty" friends/relatives swear by using It tracks the local stores ads for the week and tells you how to use your coupons you cut from the Sunday paper. Kara and Mary are pros!!! I'm sure they'd give you advice.

Paul and Shelly said...

That is AWESOME!! I want to be thrifty. I feel like I spend so much at the store to feed my brood.