Monday, October 27, 2008

Facts in Five Featuring Frad -- I mean Brad.

Melody tagged me to do a post on facts about your husband. So I'll attempt to get these right. Brad never reads the blog anyhow so I'm probably safe. :)

Five things Brad Loves:
1. Karen
2. Camille
3. Our families
4. Beating Karen when they play games
5.Traveling with Karen

Five things on his "to do" list:
1. Get the yard done
2. Get out of debt
3. Get the yard done
4. Go to Australia
5. Make the yard look pretty for his wife.

Five of his favorite snacks:
1. Gummy Bears
2. Cinnamon Rolls
3. Rocky Road Ice Cream
4. Apple Sauce
5. Homemade strawberry jam

Five things you might not know about Brad:
1. He'd prefer to live in a warmer climate
2. He's super frugal
3. He's an Assistant Scout Master
4. According to Big Brain Academy his brain is bigger then Karen's
5. He makes really good Mac n' Cheese
Five places Brad has lived:
1. Rigby, ID
2. Rexburg, ID
3. Brazil
4. Chesapeake, VA
5. Provo, UT
Five Quirks:
1. He loves to wear socks all the time!
2. Doesn't think puke is as bad to clean up as poop. (ewww)
3. Keeps his things super nice & clean(he has toys from childhood that are practically brand new) 4. Loves to go shopping on Black Friday--bright and early
5. Secretly he likes it when we wear matching outfits or shirts Five people tagged:
1. Kaitlyn
2. Kacie
3. Karlie
4. Cynthia
5. Rachel


Erin said...

Oh Brad lee Dale. What a funny man. Does he really secretly like it when you wear matching things? I might have to tease him about that. Or maybe for Christmas you'll be getting matching t-shirts! :)

Trisha Martin said...
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Trisha Martin said...

All I have to say is if you know Ronald Z., you know Brad! Two peas in a pod!