Thursday, October 23, 2008

Aunt Linda

I'm lucky enough to live approximately 4 miles from my Aunt Linda (Which out here in the country makes you neighbors.) It's fun to run into each other at Broulim's or walking at Rigby Lake but best of all we like when she just decides to drop by. The other day she dropped by bearing gifts, which was totally unexpected and we'd let her in even without gifts in hand. She doesn't have any grand kids so when she see some cute little thing that she just has to buy Camille is the lucky recipient. (Fine with me I don't think there was ever a thing as too many Grandmas.) She said someone was selling these darling little hair bows at work the other night and she couldn't resist. Linda works at the hospital so she brought them over in a biohazard bag, which I totally got a kick out of. But the best part was the note inside. Like I'd really think she'd give us a used biohazard bag. Needless to say we love the bows and are so thankful for the kind and thoughtful people we're surrounded by.


Lee and Melody said...

Look at that sweet Mil! Her hair is darling.

thedeanfamily said...

What a cutie...I guess I'll have to admit she looks like her mommy :)