Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Meet me at the fair

We were able to spend some time as a family Saturday at the Saratoga County Fair. I think Brad and I were both surprised about how good of a time the family had. 

I had the girls wear their Dubai shirts from Aunt Yvonne, which spurred all sorts of comments and attention. So easy to keep track of everyone when they match.

Petting Zoo
 Waiting for the petting zoo to open
 Petting the donkeys

This guy was reaching around, opening the dispenser and licking out what was left. What a smart ass.
 Natalie loved it in there. It was hard to get her to leave.
 Em is more of a look but don't touch kinda of girl.
 I scrounged up a quarter so the girls could feed the goats.
 All of these pictures are a bit yellow because we were inside a yellow tent.

The lemers were fun to watch when they were awake.
This little guy fell asleep while eating his snack.

Pig Races

 Waiting for the races to start

Love when I catch moments like this:

 And they're off...
 These guys are pretty fast. Emily was chosen to be a pig router. She was assigned pig #4  to cheer for and if her pig won then she'd get a prize. Her pig came in dead last but not from lack of cheering!

 These potbelly pigs had us snickering. They're definitely not fast. Click here

We had to stop and take pictures at every cut out. 

We had donkeys
 and scarecrows

 and purple cows
and sheep

and Line Men
  Didn't quite get the balloons in the green screen

Grizzle Bear Show
 He was drinking his treat for being such a good bear. 2 liter bottle of Mountain Dew.
Baby Goats
 The girls watched these baby goats for about 40 minutes. They were in love with them. They are now convinced we need to get some baby goats. (I think Ryan and Tara should get goats and we can enjoy them when we come over.)  It was great because I needed to feed Lizzy and the girls wanted to watch the goats. They asked if they could take some pictures of them because, "They're just SO cute." We ended up with about 40 pictures of the goats and their pen.

 Natalie was telling the other people that stopped to look all kinds of fun "facts" about the goats. She'll pretty much talk to anyone about anything but watch out if she's especially excited about it because you might have a hard time getting away from her. One lady tried to walk away about 3 times before she made a successful escape from the conversation.  I was sitting on a bench just watching it play out. It's fun to observe your kids. By the time we left the goat pen I think the girls felt like those goats were theirs.

Camel Ride

There were camel rides and it just seemed like fate that our girls were in their Dubai shirts. I couldn't leave the fair without letting them have a ride.  Emmie didn't really want to get on but when she thought Mom was going to take her place she changed her mind. (Can't be outshone by your mother.)
 Poor Liz didn't get to go. Her sisters are good at holding her but not 'on top of a camel' good.


 They thoroughly enjoyed it. (You can tell by Miss Nattie J's face.)
 A little video here
I think next summer Saratoga County Fair will make our to-do list.


Melody said...

That looks like SO much fun! I miss those girls and really, really wish I could snuggle up to that one I haven't met yet! ♥

Barb said...

This post made me laugh. You are funny.