Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lake Moreau

As their last activity in New York we took the Andersons to the beach at Lake Moreau about 20 minutes from our house.

Here's Riggy enjoying the sand and water

"Why yes, my swim trunks do match my eyes."

 Love this shot

 It was this little lady's first time "swimming"

 She didn't want to get wet but we need the toes in the water shot.

"Do it quick Mom."
 Proof she went swimming

These kids had fun with sand in and out of the water.

Sand castles with Uncle Matt

Burying Camille --for video click here.

This kid was having a blast. She needed me to take a video her in the water. Click here.


Natalie thoroughly enjoyed bumping water on Talon's head. I was just waiting for him to come up screaming and be mad because water was in his face. (That's what my girls would have done.) But he didn't. I think the kid has hidden gills. He loves being underwater.

I couldn't get enough of watching this girl play.

She was loving it and had NO fear of going too deep (which made me nervous)

She thought Brad needed help with his hygiene and tried to give him a "shower" click here

I think it would be accurate to declare that a good time was had by all.