Friday, March 16, 2012

A year in the life of...

Emily Ann
I felt like this girl needed a proper tribute for being one. 
 Weight- 19 lbs 2 oz - 17%
Height- 30.5 inches  - 87%
Teeth - 4  (Well now she has 6 but on her birthday there were only 4.)
Words - Mama, Dad, Hi (sort of)
Loves - Lamby, binky, and her sisters

 Didn't eat one bite of her cake. Even when I gave it to her the next morning from breakfast!

 Super spoiled!

 "Oh geez, I'm getting old!"

 We sure love you!


Didi & Jason said...

I LOVE that last pic. Happy birthday baby girl!

Barb said...

She is so cute!