Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The luck of the Irish

We had a sneaky little leprechaun that came and visited us this St. Patrick's day. He's a mischievous little fellow. He turned our breakfast green and left a trail of gold in the front room. At the end we didn't find a pot of gold but a box of Lucky Charms.

 He must not have had enough fun because he came back that evening when the girls were in the tub and we found another trail of gold that lead us to some dessert. Rainbow pudding.
Mmm Mmm
 Such a good picture!

At school Camillie got Hairy O'Hair. He said if we kept him wet and in the sunlight he'd have green hair by St. Patty's day.  He did.

 We waited a few more days.

Then it was time for a trim.