Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A little peek at Christmas

Here's a little taste of how our Christmas turned out.

We had fun getting packages in the mail.
(Especially the ones filled with packing peanuts.)
We made cookies for Santa and bread for the neighbors.
Christmas Eve included a candlelight dinner, a movie, matching pjs, and a sleepover in the family room.
Daddy got some pjs too, just not pink zebra ones. 
(Although I was SOOO tempted to make his pink.)

We woke up to stockings, new bunk beds, & a doll house.

We opened all kinds of fun presents:
 hats from Cathy,
hats from Aunt Lisa,
(I don't want to hear anyone saying they can't find a hat to wear.)

Emily enjoyed her first Christmas of
Homemade blocks,
first official steps,
and climbing the stairs.

Of course, we enjoyed all kinds of Christmas goodies.
How was your Christmas?


Melody said...

After the Packing Peanut Fiasco of 2010, I have banished them from our house. If they come in a box we CAREFULLY brush them off whatever is in the box and then take them straight to the dumpster! Ohh...I hate how they cling. I tried sweeping them up once, which made the static even worse, and then they started randomly clinging to clothing, walls and furniture instead of just to the floor. They are so fun to play in, but I have decided they are, in my mind, like bubblegum as far as how fun they are to clean up! :)

Looks like it was a great Christmas, I love all the cute jammies!