Sunday, October 2, 2011

A quiet Monday night

 Brad was out of town enjoying a boys weekend (see below) and I thought I'd spend the evening reading my book after I put the girls to bed. Somehow, I ending up not reading my book but making baby food.
I roasted and skinned a squash.

Used my Kitchen Aid with it's awesome attachments to puree the squash.
 Had a little helper that kept sneaking downstairs to spy on me. After the third time I made her unload the dishwasher.

When she came down again I threatened to make her eat the baby food for breakfast if she didn't stay in bed. She came out again and seriously asked, "Mom, were you just joking about making me eat that for breakfast?"
"No, I'm serious! You better get back up to your bed." She scampered pretty quickly. I thought I had conquered then I heard a pitter-patter on the stairs. Using every ounce of self-control not to lash out at her  I said through gritted teeth, "Camille!" To which she replied, "Natalie has diarrhea and needs you to help."  THAT is a valid excuse to get out of bed. Good thing it was true. I suppose we need to start telling the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf at bedtime.

Finished baby food ready for the freezer. (No, I didn't get to read my book. By the time making baby food was over it was my bedtime!)

Brad, his brothers, and his Dad in Texas