Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Autumn time

We are total leaf peepers. We were told that it was prime season for leaf peeping up in the "High Peaks" of New York. So, last week we took a little trip up to Lake Placid to enjoy the fall colors. It did not disappoint.

We drove to the Olympic Sports Complex.  You can ride the bobsled course from the 1932 and 1980 games. I thought it sounded great but it cost mega money, so we decided against it.

Next, we went and hike High Gorge Falls
 Excited to get hiking!
 Being this close the waterfall/cliff made Camille nervous. (She's got a little Grandma Myrna in her.)

 Looking down to the water below.

 Three little monkeys sitting in a tree...


 Natalie is still learning the technique of hiking.

 Brad and his hiking buddy

 The girls thought this root "ladder" was awesome.

 Relaxing after the hike
 At least she's not a thumb sucker...

It's like the mountainside is on fire

On the way home we stopped at The Wild Center just to see what it was all about. The guy at the desk let us in for free. The place is awesome. We really liked watching the otters swim and play. There was lots of hands on stuff for the girls (and adults). Next time we're up that way I think we'd  pay and go again.

Plus, they had some really cute moose!


Didi & Jason said...

Looks beautiful! Caz went through a belly button phase as well. Kids are so funny. As we speak harper is trying to guve herself a hickey.

Didi & Jason said...


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Kara said...

You guys always do so many fun things. That hike looked beautiful! I love the changing colors of fall :)

Wilding's said...

I love that Nattie has the leaf in her belly button! HAHA She is too cute!