Friday, July 15, 2011

Post 4th of July

Wednesday - Laundry and recovery time
Cactus Birthday Cake for Ryan - We figured with all the green trees here he'd be missing the desert.

 Wow, that's a lot of candles!
Call the fire department!


Lake George Six Flags - Riding rides and swimming
 Quiet a load Natalie is hauling :)
 Who doesn't enjoy the water?
 Nothing like the lazy river

Palmyra- Book of Mormon Printing, Smith Family Home, Sacred Grove, Hill Cumorah Pageant

Niagara Falls- Girls' (and Tara's) first time in a foreign country. Not happy about the 50 cent toll we had to pay to walk back into our own country!

 Thanks for the great times Ryan and Tara


Ashley B. said...

Took a break from the party to have a party??? You Wildings are unstoppable.