Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4th of July - Boston

First stop "Cheers" - If you're unfamiliar watch this fun clip.

Boston Commons - Totally sweet wading pool for the kiddies

Freedom Trail -including the Old North Church and other historic sites - Another clip you may enjoy.

Mike's Pastries for Cannoli - Yummy (Thanks for the tip Jenilyn)

Bridge for Fireworks - Great view! Emily slept through the whole thing.

 Dinner before the show.

Too many cannolis
USS Constitution - Old Ironsides -Glad we did it.

Revere Beach -Girls' (and Tara's) first time touching the Atlantic


Karalee said...

I am impressed by your trip. Whenever we get around to going to Boston I am totally looking up your post for ideas for things to do.

zeeny said...

Sounds so fun! Glad you tried Mike's!!! It looks like you are on the bridge by harvard...the Charlest river. From what I remember people called it the salt and pepper bridge because it looked like that to some people! Glad you enjoyed Boston!