Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Skirts Skirts Skirts

We are definitely into skirts, shorts, capri wearing season around here. So, of course, I NEED to make my girls more skirts. (Like they really need any MORE clothes! :)

After seeing it on friend's blog  I took this:

And made it into this:

 It was so fun and easy and cute that I had to make one in black for a friend that recently had a little girl.

You can check out the full tutorial here.

 I also discovered the half and half skirt. Easiest skirt EVER! I adjusted the sizes so I could make one for each of my girls.
For Millie (Size 3/4) I cut two 45 X 7 strips
For Nattie (Size 2ish) I cut two 45 X 6 strips
For Emmie (Size 3 months ) I cut two 32 X 5 strips

And yes, I made them all wear them to church on Sunday. I love when they match!  It's also nice that I can accomplish something so simple and have it be cute at the same time.


Seth and Rachel said...

Yay! So cute!! All of them!

Mary said...

You amaze me with your talent! I can't sew at all!

Didi & Jason said...

You are so stinkin talented. I'm gonna have to give it a go! I bet ur girls looked so cute all matchy for church!