Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bringing down the house

 I'm learning that when you live in a humid environment things tend to rust out. 
 In our garage there are 3 metal support poles that have rust around the bottom. Brad went over and tapped on the bottom of one to see how rusted it actually was.  Tap tap and broke right through. Apparently the "support" beam hadn't been supporting the house for awhile.

 Our kind neighbors had a floor jack that we used to support the house with a temporary beam as we (well Brad) worked on putting a new permanent beam in place.

There should be a pole there...
Brad is a do it right kinda guy so he decided rather then just replace the beam he'd add a cement footer to ensure the new beam won't be getting wet.

Waa-Laa We now have the support that we need.


MAK said...

Yea for the do it right kind of guy. How long did this all take?

Lee and Melody said...

Wow, there's just NO upside to this humidity stuff! Well done, Brad. You're a supportive genius. :)

Barb said...

I am impressed with Brad's handy man skills! Can he teach Rich a few things? ;-)