Monday, April 4, 2011


There's always a project to do. It's a good thing I've got a Bradley to do them.

We needed to make better use of the TV closet. Brad took out the old shelf(singular, yes a whole BIG closet with A shelf), painted, and then built in some new shelving. Here's the process. I'm terrible at remembering to get before shots.

ALMOST before (Closet minus it's one shelf.)

Putting Camille to work

Testing the shelves out

Could we use this as her bedroom

Almost done (Just need to move everything back in the closet)

Looks pretty strong

Prefect for storing all our girls



Yvonne Anderson said...

crazy that your TV fits so perfectly in that closet, almost as if it was made for it.

Kara said...

Very impressive shelf work Brad! Whenever I have Weston do "handy manny" stuff he just gets grumpy :) The finished project looks great and such a better use of space. Love the picture of all the girls on the shelves :)

Lee and Melody said...

♪ Handy do do do do do do do Handy Bradley ♫
That's awesome. I love the closet full of girls, although I do miss me some Mario Kart on that closet-sized tv too. In fact, we just all around miss you!