Monday, April 25, 2011

All things Easter

Egg Tree

Bunny Buns

Dying Easter Eggs

Curlers to bed

Easter Baskets

Ready for Church


Here comes Nattie with the basket

I see one



Torrie said...

You are all so cute. I'm jealous you get to dress all your girls alike. I waited forever for Syd and Ellie to dress the same but Sydney says she is to old for that. Looks like you had a great Easter, we miss you.

Mary said...

Your girls are sooo cute and looking so big!

Angela C. said...

KAREN! Your daughters are beautiful. I'm glad I found your blog (I found you thru Kristen's blog). Now I can spy on your family :-) Ours is

Kara said...

Happy Easter! Looks like it was a fun one for your family. Your little girls look so pretty all dressed up for church. Loved the family picture too, you all look so good! We miss you guys!