Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Can" we get some more light in here?

One of the draw backs of a house built in the late '70s is that overhead lighting was not popular. Our front room, family room, and Emily's room didn't have any lights when we moved in. There were lamps for the family room and Em's room and the front room had nothing. We just don't use the front room once it gets dark.

Brad and I decided we really needed to add some insulation in the attics. Brad pointed out that if we ever wanted to install overhead lights then it would make more sense to do it before adding more insulation.

Project insulate became project illuminate/insulate. Brad's parents came out to help with the baby and it's been wonderful to have Brad and Ron working on the house. They were able to install a light with a dimmer in Emily's room(Great for a nursery!! Who wants a BRIGHT light at 3:00 am). Six can lights on a dimmer and one two-light fixture in the family room. I was then able to move the lamps from the family room and Emily's room into the front room. Now all our rooms have lights! They also installed some outlets, built me some storage in the attic, and blew in more insulation.

Now we are one happy, warm, able to see family!

The first holes cut

Six holes and the housings

Complete with bulbs

All the family room lights

Let there be light

Attic before new insulation but after new storage

Attic after new insulation

Emily's new light

Camille and Grandma built a snowman while the boys insulated the house!


MAK said...

When we moved to MO we had the same problem but it never was changed so I guess mom and dad still have that problem. And our current living room only has floor lamps. We would love to add some cans like you did but there are far more important improvements to make. Like replace 50 year old windows!


Kara said...

Nice job with the new lights. Our front room doesn't have much light in it either and lamps just aren't the same. Oh and Weston wanted Brad to know that the picture of him looking through the hole is creepy :)