Monday, May 10, 2010

And here we have Idaho...

Almost 4 years ago Brad and I went to every county in our fair state. By visiting all 44 counties we were able to complete our Idaho passport, get a certificate from the governor, and received commemorative Lewis and Clark Jefferson "Peace Medals". It was a fun experience for us. So last week when we took the girls on a little road trip it brought back and lot of memories. It was fun to show the girls some of our fair state.

We went and stayed in McCall for two nights with Brad's brother Kevin and his family. Then headed to Payette to met up with more family. Stayed over night then headed home. We stopped at the Boise Temple and Shoshone Falls on the way. It was a nice little trip.

Natalie loving the flowers at the temple.

Enjoying the temple.

Camille loved to smell the flowers.

Getting out a little energy before getting back in the car!

Shoshone Falls

Nattie taking in the view.

Camille loved being high up!