Monday, February 1, 2010

Just roll with it

First ever, Saturday night hair in rollers party. (That's Mil doing her fake smile)

WOW, that's a little more curl then I bargained for.
It's five minutes until we need to be to church so we just have to "roll" with it.
(Millie's also been trying to learn to wink!)

In the end it turned out pretty cute:
I swear I'm never going to get a decent picture of her again...she's loves making faces and fake smiling!


Lee and Melody said...

That turned out so darling! She looks like Shirley Temple- only cuter. :)

Audrey said...

Wow millie. Look at that curl. that is so awesome Karen. Just so cute. Good job. You have made we think about going out and getting curlers.

Jeanette said...

Her hair is awesome!!

Danica said...

It was so fun seeing you guys last night. It has been way too long. It sucked that we ALL couldn't sit together tho. Your little girls are even more cuter in person!! Glad I finally got to see that little Natalie and her gorgeous eyes. Thanks so much for the gift too. It works perfect bebause Nate's little sis plays for Snake River and Bo needed a purple shirt for the games. Thanks again and hopefully we will see you guys soon.

Didi & Jason said...

Oh my heck her hair turned out ADORABLE! Very darling