Thursday, February 11, 2010

Birthday x 2

We had a combined birthday dinner for my sister, Kaitlyn, and Brad.
(Camille also declared that it was her birthday but was content with the idea of being honored as the half-birthday girl.)

I was in charge of the cake. It's far from perfect but was a lot of fun. Since Kaitlyn and Brad are both products of the '80's I thought it was appropriate.

Alexander, we're sorry you missed the party. Hope your birthday was fun too!


Lee and Melody said...

That is a miraculous culinary achievement. WOW! Looks yummy too. Happy Birthday, Brad!

Torrie said...

wow, that cake is awesome and appropriate, how did you get your lines so straight, good job.

Amy said...

That's such a cute cake! Good job, Karen! Happy birthday wishes to Brad and Kaitlin.