Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Whatever you want to call them

Garage sales, Yard sales, Car boot sales. It doesn't matter I LOVE them. Today we're heading up to the annual Liberty Lake Garage sale weekend. I've been excited since April! To get geared up Brad and I have hit a few of the local sales. Here are some of our great finds so far:

Brad was super excited about these. Said the kids will love'em and Camille does. (Is he ever wrong?)

I don't even know what to say about this one:
I'm glad the family will be able to see if Ryan's fiancee likes the garage sales. If not, he may have to reconsider. :)


The Hammond Family said...

I love yard sale shopping too! we haven't bought alot of stuff, but we have found some good deals. God luck shopping this weekend!

Danica said...

I told Nate the list over the phone at lunch. He was supposed to tell Brad. So if not, just call me. You can also call me anytime you have a ? about anything up there. Thanks again for doing this. You guys are the best. :0) It's 251-7586.

MAK said...

O my funny netfliox just recamended that movie for me. I had never heard of it but maybe we'll have to whach it.

Torrie said...

I hear ya sister, I hope you got great stuff, the good ones hear for stampede days got all rained out, I had bad timing on them, we have one of those lunch tray things to we got at garage sales, funny

Amy said...

Find some good deals for me -- I haven't been in SO long and I MISS it!