Monday, June 15, 2009

Furgality at it's finest!

This weekend was a success. We took a list of stuff to find and got almost everything we were looking for. However, we didn't do as well with the list for our friends as we had hoped (Sorry Harkers!)

By popular request here is a peak at our awesome finds this weekend:

Always a lot of golf balls to be had --plus a security box.

Camille got 2 new chairs :)

Yeah for being able to take walks by myself again

Camille's new bed so she can share a room with Natalie

Brad's Bike which he'll need because....
YEAH a bike trailer finally!! (Only been wanting one for 2 years!)

And a new baby bumbo

These were Camille's purchases - Mega Bloks farm set and the Tinker Bell sleeping bag

Plus a HEAP of clothes for the girls and a bunch of free stuff for me. (Sweaters, coat, SHOES...)

The best part of the weekend was hanging out with this bunch:
And letting the babies "hang out"
Natalie in the swing, Haiden closest to her (in pink) then Riley(in white), and Payson (in red). (Yes and Camille supervising all of them)


The Hammond Family said...

Wow! I shoud have given you a list of stuff to get for us! That's awesome!

Didi & Jason said...

You got great stuff! I so wish I had a bike trailor. Lucky!! Let's get awalkin if this dang rain ever stops!

MAK said...

OK so I need to shop with you! Cause I need a duble stroler! And you can sew with me.

Amy said...

Good shopping! Have fun with the new toys!

Torrie said...

I'm so jealous, i gave up on the bike trailer after two years and paid full price but we found my sister one this year, they are hard to find in such great condition, awesome. Did you have a trailer to get all that home? Can I come with you next year?