Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Easter Celebration

Saturday we decided to take Camille to the Easter egg hunt at Tautphaus Park. We took our friends, Wyatt, Jana, and Melody along. The egg "hunt" was pretty much a bust. But we stood in line and met the Easter Bunny and he gave us some eggs. Plus, we ran into a guy Brad works with and his kids shared some of their eggs too. After we went to the zoo which was a total hit with the kiddos! It was a great way to celebrate Camille's 20 month birthday and our last day as a family of three! Enjoy the pictures...

Eggs? Eggs? Where are you?
Waiting in line to see the Bunny...Camille has a total lack of respect for authority.

She's such a bad example...
Now she's corrupted Wyatt...

Finally, the Bunny! Not too excited to see him but all she talked about when we got home.

Dad's solution: "Now she can see and I didn't even have to take her out of the stroller"

The petting zoo was a smashing hit
Brushing the goats with Wyatt (I love her face in this picture!)
Kissing the goats (Goats need kisses too!)

Look, I'm just like the goats!
Enjoying the tiger
Stay tuned for how we celebrated Easter Sunday :)


Lee and Melody said...

Ha ha, Mil you are so cute! We had a great fun time, and I'm a so pleased that walking around the zoo all day had the desired effects for your Mom. :)

Didi & Jason said...

How cute! We want pictures cuz I know what they are!!!!!!