Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Road Trip

Why would we take this: our two week old, on a road trip?

Because of this:Brad's Aunt and Uncle and their girls were sealed in the Logan temple on Saturday.

We had a great weekend. We stayed with my sister, Lisa, and her family. Natalie got to meet her Black cousins.

Natalie with Ethan and Alexander

Natalie with Anthony and Leslie
She also got to meet her Hart cousins. (Of course, I wasn't smart enough to get the camera out while they were there.)

Camille had a great time hanging out with her cousins too.

(How would you not have a great time dressing up and dancing around with Leslie?)

Of course, Brad and I had fun doing this:
with Lisa and Bob once the kids were in bed!


charm said...

How fun! Your little girlS are so precious! Congrats on your new little addition... she's a lucky girl to be in your awesome family!

Danica said...

Black cousins? They look white to me! haha! :0)

Lee and Melody said...

Here I thought I was nuts taking a 7 week-old to Texas. I would never have been able to manage going out with a tiny little 2 weeker! Who, incidentally, needs her mommy to snuggle her vicariously for aunt Melody, Wyatt still has a cough and runny nose and Jana was up crying last night (please please please be some TEETH!) so we don't dare visit and bring our germs with. Looks like a fun trip though, and I didn't know Wii had Guitar Hero! Sweet!

MAK said...

Sound like you had a great time! We just got bake form Roberts house I'm slow on the post.