Tuesday, August 5, 2008

One Fish, Two Fish...

Ron and Donna called us to say they were irrigating the yard and they thought Camille might like to come and play in it with cousin Alli. They were right she liked it.

One thing that surprised us all were the fish. Yes, fish! I saw something moving in the water and upon closer examination I realized it was a fish. I knew when the water was gone they would just die and then we'd have to watch out for fish carcases when we played in the lawn (EW!)
We started Operation Fish Rescue. Brad put some water in the kiddie pool and then we began to capture the fish with our bare hands and deposit them into their new home. Brad was like the fish whisperer, he was getting tons. Sadly, some of them decided to swim belly up after being "rescued", most fared alright. All in all we caught over 20 fish during OFR. I'm not sure what we're going to do with them now but it was great way to spend family home evening.