Friday, July 25, 2008


Not sure exactly what the title stands for but none the less...Tiff tagged me so I'll comply. Never as organized as I'd like to be but on the other hand I've been enjoying some reading time!

My Kitchen Sink: (haha did the dishes right before I got on the computer!)

My favorite room: Family room (oh the memories...)

My Fridge: (Yes, a child lives here but her father likes to make words out of her letters)

My Laundry: (Looks like I should be working on that instead of blogging :)

My favorite shoes: (or are they?)

Yes, favorite but not the ones I wear the most!

My Closet:(Well my side of the closet)

My most recent purchase: All you can eat soup, salad and breadsticks $5.95

What my baby is doing right now: (hence the time on the computer)

My Dream Vacation:

My Self Portrait: (Whoa that's one funky eyebrow!)

I tag Kacie, Karlie, Melody, Audrey, and Valerie. (Barb you get a break since you don't have your own place yet:)



That's what I always order at Olive Garden. I love it!!!

Barb said...

Hehe. Thanks for the break! I did find a place yesterday. It happened quick after that other thing happened and it will probably be better in the long run!
Whenever I see those brown couches I have so many memories of watching movies out at the airport on those!! Good times!! I kind of miss it.