Monday, July 14, 2008


July 3rd is when it all started!

Happy Birthday to my Mama included a birthday party at our house with almost my whole family. Then on the 4th we all headed up to Cooke City, Montana for a week long family reunion.

We stopped several times on the drive. Sometimes for the sites in Yellowstone Park and sometimes to mop up vomit. (Mil decided to get sick)

Camille was happy despite the vomiting! She had to wear her cousin's 0-3 month onesies because we were running out of clean clothes!

Staying in Cooke City was great. We had a talent show, Hart Olympics, did some hiking, played games, ate too much food, and enjoying each others company. One day we drove the Beartooth Pass which was amazing!

Pilot Peak

A waterfall on the way to Beartooth.

Taking it easy on Beartooth Pass

Check out that snow! It was the 7th of July!

After 6 years of marriage we still like each other!

Brad leaving Millie's mark

This fellow was trotting around outside the cabin while we were making dinner.

All the Hart grandkids. Out of 18 kids 12 of them are 5 or younger.

Camille giving the "I love you" sign! Thanks for the shirts Yvonne!

All in all it was a great time.