Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sleepy Heads

Sunday Morning

6:30- Camille yelling from her crib for us. (You got to be kidding me! She should be asleep for another hour.) I decide to get her, give her a bottle and let her lay with us while she drinks it. (I know she's still tried and hoping for her to fall asleep while eating.)

6:38- the bottle is empty and Camille is ready to play. (Crawling all over us, honking our noses and grabbing our eyes.)

6:40- Okay she's too cute. We give in and play.

6:50- I decide so long as Brad's there to entertain her I just as well hop in the shower and start getting ready for church.

7:05 - I emerge from the bathroom to find this:
I KNEW she was still tried!!


Seth & Rachel said...

Awe!!! So cute!

Kacie & Jake C. said...

Sucker! I thought she was a mama's girl? Camomille is just too darn cute, it should be illegal. Your comment on my blog was hilarious by the way.