Friday, May 23, 2008

A girl after my own "hart"

Genetics is a funny thing. I like HOT water. I love to take a shower and come out red. My mom can wash dishes in practically boiling water and I have at least one sister who also likes to look like a lobster when she emerges from the shower. So why all these details? We took Camille swimming recently. As you can see she wasn't a fan of the lukewarm pool water but LOVED the hot tub.
She actually ended up really liking swimming. I think the water just took a little getting use too/ it was close to bedtime/ she was being a bit of a mommy's girl that night.


Yvonne said...

We took the twinners to the beach last Saturday. They hate hate HATED it! A little to cold for them. They like their baths nice and toasty just like a true Hart.

thedeanfamily said...

I must be related...I just got the brilliant idea to make Bailee's baths cooler and cooler each week, so maybe by swimming pool season, she won't wig out if the water is luke warm...we'll see how that goes. Mills gets cuter and cuter with each picture I see of her!