Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Small town stories

I took my lil gangsta' (see photo) into town (by "town" I mean Rigby population 3,007) to run some errands today and had a few experiences that just rewarmed my heart to living here. First, my colleagues at the Jr. High invite me to come have lunch which was delightful.

Next while shopping in Broulim's I saw a kid from my primary.
"Hey, Mckay."
"Oh, hi.... I didn't know that was you because of your green sweater!" Lots of grinning.
"I know you're use to seeing my in a dress uh."
Mckay then turns and runs off.

Okay, sunbeams don't always have the best social skills. Later while I was in the checkout line Mckay finds me so he can introduce me to his Grammy (Who he makes give me a hug because I'm in primary with him). It was very sweet and I left the store smiling and glad I have such a great calling.

Then we were off to the post office where an older (I'm guess 85 or so) gentleman saw me pulling Camille out of the car came to my assistance. He got the package I was mailing from off the front seat, helped me into the post office, and made sure I'd be able to make it up to the counter without any trouble. It was very kind of him. When I thanked him he said, "Oh, I'm sure you've done something to help someone before."(Does he have the naughty and nice list?) I'm fully in the Christmas spirit now!


Barb said...

Does Millie belong to the Bloods or Cryps? ;-)

thedeanfamily said...

Despite Mils looking absolutely cute and cuddly, I must say that couch brings back some great memories...good times eh!

Erin said...

I was going to mention the couch too, but I probably don't have as many memories of it! That little girl is almost the cutest I've ever seen! (Almost because Kylee is pretty darn cute too. Maybe they tie for first place!) Oh and I LOVE Rigby too!

Merry Christmas!

Yvonne said...

Look at those cheeks....she could ALMOST be an Anderson....SMILE