Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

We had a perfect Christmas Eve (It snowed ALL day!!!). My parent and Spencer and Valerie came over for Christmas Eve. We did the Harts' traditional pizza and a movie. We ate until we were sick and then some. One of the best parts was watching good ol' Lewis and Myrs play the Wii. They really got into it. Mom said she's never done that well bowling.

We had a wonderful Christmas!! Camille was totally spoiled. We went to Rexburg and got to chat with Elder Hart on the phone, then Grandpa Lewis busted out the airplane and gave the traditional Christmas day rides (We sure have some good traditions for being the family that doesn't "do" traditions!) Camille got her first airplane ride and loved it! Below are a million of cute Christmas pictures... My Dad asked my Mom if they were ever as gaga over their kids.... Brad and I are TOTALLY gaga!!

Camille LOVES her wagon.

Grandma Hart makes cute quilts!

Camille and Wyatt getting ready for an airplane ride.

Grandpa and Mil

Evelyn and Millie in their Christmas PJs'll wake Evelyn (which they did!)


Barb said...

So cute Kare! Did Santa drop off the Wii early?

Karen said...

No, we have been babysitting Brad's brother's Wii.

Jer Jensen said...

We wish we had a Wii!

Millie looks so cute in the Tiger!!