Tuesday, October 23, 2007

One man's trash...

For my 26th birthday/Christmas/you just had a baby present, Brad bought me the treadmill that I've always wanted. After getting the treadmill set up in the basement in front of the big screen (that's the only way to exercise!) we were left with a ginormous box in the garage. Brad hates to throw away big boxes (We still have the box our 5 year old TV came in) and asked me what we should do with it. Thinking about our attempt to organize the garage I suggested just cutting it up and throwing it away. It's too big to pack anything in besides pillows because you'd never be able to lift it. So, Brad grabbed a knife and decided to start the deconstruction process. Well, after the first cut (a big square out of the middle) we both knew we couldn't say good-bye because standing in front of us was no longer a big box but the beginning of a fort. Brad continued to sculpt the fort, a front door with a handle and another window. Then to put the finishing touches on he placed a Steelers mat in front of the door. We knew this would make our garage the place to be.

Well, our vision was correct! This weekend our friends, Steve and Erin, came with their kids, Kurtis and Kylee (two of our favorite little people) and we had a great time in the fort. Kurtis even mowed the "lawn" in front of his "house" and went and got the "mail". Kylee seemed to like it too. Brad and Erin even made visits to the new neighbors. Oh the fun you can have with a little bit of garbage!


Erin said...

I love it!!! This made me laugh!

Barb said...

I used to play in boxes when I was a kid! I loved it.

I just realized I totally forgot your birthday. I'm sorry! I always try to make it a point to wish my friends a happy birthday. I remember thinking about it a week before and it slipped my mind. Forgive me?