Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

I awoke to a very erie foggy morning. What a perfect Halloween day. I had a plethora of ideas for Halloween costumes: a kangaroo with Camille as my joey, a web and Camille as the spider, a family of whoopie cushions, a monkey and Camille would be my banana. However, Brad found the cutest costume for Camille so we built our outfits around her costume. She is going as a cob of corn and we are going as corn farmers.

(Brad isn't just any corn farmer, check out his t-shirt.)

We love seeing people's costumes!! Here's one of my sister Lisa's family.


Erin said...

Halloween is such a fun time! And Camille will love all those pictures when she's older.

thedeanfamily said...

What a cute little cob! I have never seen such a costume, what a great idea.

Barb said...

Where is your farmer picture? ;-)