Thursday, August 28, 2014

Heading West

Our morning started early (3:30 am for me 4:30 am for the girls) After making it through airport security (The lines were CRAZY long but the girls had pre-check so that helped.) we walked right onto the plane and got settled. After an hour of sitting on the plane they had everyone get off and we waited another SIX hours in the terminal for a new airplane part to arrive and then we were once again loaded up but this time we got to take off.

Lizzy enjoyed the treats I brought along and Brad and Emily crashed while Natalie happily played next to them.
Needless to say we missed our connecting flights out of Minneapolis and after a lot of conversations with Delta agents got our family of six booked on a flight out the next day direct to Idaho Falls. They change the return tickets for the girls and I so we could stay an extra week out West.

Natalie and Camille didn't care what was going on as long as they got to play together.   

These girls were super excited about the t-shirts that came in their Delta over night bags. (Along with the mini toothpastes that they all thought were SO adorable.) They were so excited to stay in a hotel and have breakfast. I have never been so excited to be at a Marriott in my whole life. 
 Brad and Camille opted to head over to the Mall of America and ride roller coasters and explore the place. I was exhausted and poor Lizzy need to go to sleep. 

At the airport for round 2 of "Let's fly to Idaho".
 Loving the play area in the airport.

We finally made it to good old Idaho just 24 hours after we originally had planned. Our first stop was Albertson's...can I tell you how much I miss their great cereal sales!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Last day of First Grade

June 25th last day of school (FINALLY). Going this late into June KILLS me. I just want it to be summer and to be able to play with my kids.

Waiting for the school bus to drop Camille off.

 She has to cross the finish line to make finishing first grade official!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Done for the season.

 Lizzy was given her first balloon while the girls finished their last lesson.
 She loved it!

Natalie finishes Preschool

Last day of Preschool. She was SUPER excited about the last day of school party.

 Ready to graduate.

Sporting a little bit of a shiner from running in to another kid during the last day party.
 Natalie and all her friends from church that did preschool at the Y. 

 In 2027 we'll be doing this again when she completes high school.

Chalk, Frogs and Lawn Mowers

June is such a fun month here in New York. It's too bad the girls don't finish school until the END of the month. With nice afternoons and evenings we still get to enjoy our days.

 Lizzy is pleased to have a Popsicle
I love that my girls will catch frogs. (and I love that we find frogs in our yard.)

Some friends gifted us with their old riding lawn mower when they bought a new one. With a few little teaks Brad had it up and going. Of course, everyone needed a turn to drive!

 We found this little guy waiting fora turn too.