Sunday, June 1, 2014


 We're so proud of our new Master!
 It turned out the be a really long evening!

 So excited this day arrived!

 Luckily, the refreshments were delicious and a great 10 pm snack.
 "Someday it'll be me!"

We went to the Main Commencement ceremony the next day. 
 It turned out to be really good and I was glad we stuck it out and made the effort to go even thought we had enough of graduation the night before. 

 It was a full house and a beautiful day.
 They gave out some honorary doctorate degrees.  One of them went William Henry Cosby Jr.
 Yup, BILL COSBY was there. My girls couldn't understand why I was so excited. It was BILL COSBY. Seriously, one of my favorite shows as a child. I wanted my parents to name one of my little sisters Rudy!
It was fun to be there in person. We're so proud of Brad and glad we got to take that journey with him.