Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spring Break / Easter

During spring break we had a lot of fun.
There were outdoor lunches
(indoor if you're a Liz)

Playing outside
 (watching from inside if you're a Liz)
Stumps short and
 tall are great pretend houses for your toys.
 (This is a great pretend house if you're a Liz.)

I didn't feel up to helping the girls decorate hard boiled eggs so we improvised and decorated paper eggs. 
(The girls loved it. They colored and cut to their hearts content.)
 They did talk me in to making bunny butt cookies
 Easter Morning
 Pleased with their baskets. They commented on how nice of hand writing the Easter bunny has, which made me smile. Camille said next year she needs to leave a thank you note for the Easter Bunny because he's so thoughtful. 
 Emmie's face in these pictures kill me. 
 First Easter (If you're a Liz)!
 She carried her socks around all day. 
 I love these girls in matching dresses.

 Last day of spring break was spent playing with the neighbors grandson
 dressing up (surprised?) 
 and wrapped up with a movie. 
We enjoyed our spring break and can't wait until it's summertime!