Thursday, April 3, 2014

Life of the fourth

When you have older siblings there's some things you have to put up with. (This coming some someone who has older siblings and IS an older sibling ☺.) Things like:

1. When your older sisters decide you need some extra fringe on your outfit.
 (We seriously love these Magiclip dolls.The dress are interchangeable on the dolls and work great on baby sisters.)

 2. When you're nine months old and its the first time Mom has busted out the heirloom jumper.
 (Which, of course, you love!)
3. They barricade you out of the room to save their farm animals. 

 4. They eat all the delicious maple coated cinnamon rolls at Maple fest.

 But these are all things you happily put up with because you love you big sisters!


Ashley B. said...

These pictures make you feel like the first child misses out on a lot of fun, huh? Enjoy the 4th child ride Lizzy!