Friday, December 6, 2013

Miss 6 months old

At her 6 month check up we got her lastest stats.
Height: 26.25 inches 65th%
Weight: 14.3 lbs 12th %
Head: 16 inches 6th%

"Let me just straighten this up..."
"Want me to hold it Mom?"
"There. That might work."
Kisses for kitty (Well maybe more like munching on kitty.)
Hi Sweet girl!
As much as we love this little munchkin I think she's taken some steps backwards the last 2 months. 
She is no longer sleeping through the night (seriously child!) and she is really struggling to fall asleep on her own. It use to take her about 10 minutes to calm down and fall asleep. Now she will not settle down on her own. I hope we can get pass this hurdle!


Barb said...

Annie started doing that also and Rich and I were becoming so exhausted. She was waking 2-4 times a night which was more than when she was a newborn! We finally have started letting her cry it out (even at napt ime if she hasn't slept long enough) and she is sleeping 11 glorious hours a night! It is super hard to hear her cry though. Fortunately it is down to a few minutes now.

Valerie Doll said...

Oh she is so sweet; I want to squeeze her so badly. Love you Little Lizzy!