Sunday, May 19, 2013

Awesome Aunt Lisa

 My super talented Sis just sent us these. (We can't wait until Baby Sister gets here so she can wear hers too.)
We have a variety of awesome crocheted things from Aunt Lisa, hats, shoes, flip-flops,  hair clips, skirts.... If my girls are wearing something crocheted, good chance it came from Auntie Lisa.

You can see more of her talent on her Facebook page Blackhart Crochet. (And some cute pictures of some of my nieces and nephews.)

 Silly Faces

Natalie loving that it's purple AND pink. 

A week ago Millie burned her nose on the griddle. She still looks a little Rudolphish but it's getting better.

Miss Ems

 I asked her for a smile and got this....

Work it, girl. Work it!