Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Our March 19th Snowman

Snow day! We woke up to a lot of snow and it's still coming. The girls wanted to go out and play in it. I got them all bundled and was sending them out when they said, "We should build a snowman." I'm a bad Mom we have yet to built any snowmen this winter so what choice did I have.
 "Okay, I'll get on my snow clothes and come help." After I rubber banded my snow pants on. (I'm pass the point of getting even close to zipping them up.) I headed out to help. After a few frustrating minutes it was clear that this is not snowman building snow. It was kinda like trying to build a snowman out of sand. I'm hoping that this is the last snow of the season so I wasn't going to give up yet. Beside you can build things with sand if you construct them the right way.  We started just piling snow into one spot and patting it down. After what felt like a lot of piling and patting we decided we had a large enough mound to decorate.

Here's our cute little snowman:

Catching snow flakes on our tongues

Once we declared him finished Camille asked if she could use the camera to take some pictures.
Here are her masterpieces

Well I think I'm going to go enjoy some hot chocolate.


Kara said...

Wow you guys have a lot of snow! And what a good mom to go outside and help your girls build their snowman! Your girls are all so cute!

Jeanette said...

You are seriously such a good mom! WAY cooler than me! I don't know why any of your girls would want to live at our house. :-)