Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Birthday parties and tall buildings

Thursday Jan 3rd - Rigdon's 1st birthday. In the morning Matt, Brad, and I took the older kids to the Mall by their house to pick up some groceries and gifts for Riggie-Roo. Later Yvonne took Abigail to the doctor so Brad and I got to play at the park with Saylor and Talon.

Saylor was a great photographer

Showing Talon how to play

They planted trees in the middle of this nice grassy field to deter soccer games and such. Because grass is for looking at not running on.


If you look closely there is a young mother in her abaya in front of the toys.

 The rest of the day we took it easy at home and got to eat birthday cake.
 Birthday Boy

We know how to party

Friday Jan 4th -One of the big things on our to-do list in Dubai was to go up the Burj Kalifa. Yvonne was able to get us tickets for 5:30 am Friday morning (aka the sabbath in Dubai). It was a great time because we got to go up and see the city and the lights and then the sun rose and we got to experience in the light. While getting into the building proved to not be as smooth as we had hoped, everything worked out and we made it just fine.

 It was fun to be up the Burj as the sun rose.
I was loving the look of the fog.

Looking Up


Looking Down

Definitely worth waking up early for.
Yvonne, Karen, and Brad
On top of the world

It's official we were in the tallest building!

By the time we got back home it was time to get ready for church. The kids weren't feeling well enough for going to church so just Brad, Matt, and I went. It's always interesting to go to church in different places. Comforting to know that the gospel is the same everywhere and how each ward has their own quirks and dynamics.  On the way home Matt drove us through University City where he works. I wish I would have had the camera with me. University City is impressive. Several different campus all in one area. Some very beautiful buildings.