Saturday, November 3, 2012


For family night on Monday we carved our pumpkins. We did it in teams. Brad and Natalie, Camille and Me, Ryan and Tara, and the Missionaries (We had them over for dinner so we invited them to carve with us.) Emily was the rover and "helped" until it was time for bed.

 Brad and Natalie  carve a mummy. Which turned out spectacular!

Camille and I chose a witch.

Ryan and Tara went patriotic with the Statue of Liberty.

We told the Missionaries that they had to carve something scripture related. So they referenced Isaiah 40:31 and did a picture of an eagle.

 I thought all of them turned out great. Camille and Natalie were impressed with all of them and as the judges gave everyone a piece of candy as a prize.

Here's Millie pretending to be a Vampire.


Yvonne Anderson said...

Great pumpkins! I especially love that mummy. I am assuming you used a stencil of sorts? If not, WOW and if so, still wow.