Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bathroom Facelift

We've been in our house here almost 2 years and I've had a list of things I'd like to change but just...haven't. (Brad has done some amazing things for me though: lighting, stairs, closets!)
 With the help of my SIL I decided to tackle the half-bath on the main floor (which lead to help from the husbands.) We were just going to take down the wallpaper and then throw up a coat or two of paint. Quick, easy, cheap (we already had some paint leftover from the previous home owner). It turned out not to be quick, easy or as cheap as I was hoping but long story short, it's done. (Well, all but hanging the toilet paper roll and towel rack.)


I know you can't imagine why I'd want to take down this wallpaper. (Camille was sad that we were taking down the flowers but she agrees that the bathroom looks better now.)
 (That's the wallpaper steamer sitting on the sink. We picked it up for $4 at a garage sale...I LOVE it!)

After we'd taken down the wallpaper I'd mention how nice it would look to have a black vanity. Brad said I could paint what we had.

Vanity "Before" (well, during because I never remember to get a true before picture for anything!)

Primed and ready for black! 

We made our own chalk paint. (Supposedly good for painting furniture.) I learned how from these tutorials.  (I'd HIGHLY recommend straining the paint before using!)
AFTER: (I know these pictures aren't great but the lights in the bathroom are just so bright!)

Much better right!?

Here's Cutie McCutie Pants "helping" me take pictures and clean up the mess.

There's more wallpaper removal in our future...


Kara said...

Love the new bathroom, you did a great job! I hate taking down wallpaper. I had to do a little bit of that in our house only I didn't have a steamer...that probably would have been easier :)

Yvonne Anderson said...

I wouldn't even know how to begin to tackle a project like that. Kudos to you