Monday, February 27, 2012

24, 25, 26

Here are the pictures for the last three days. We were having too much fun in Boston with my brother and nephew to stop and post any pictures.  :) We enjoyed Boston; the Children's Museum, walking in the rain, Museum of Science, walking in the fridge wind, cannolis from Mike's (YUM), swimming at the hotel, riding the metro, spending time with family, driving around MIT, taking the girls to see the temple.

24- My bathroom cabinet
(Technically this is my girls' cabinet but it's the most organized one we have.)

25- Green
We spent a lot of green to go to the Museum of Science. Worth every penny. Nothing better than being at a Science Museum with your nerdy scientist brother! (Love you Gus!)

26- Night
At night my little lamby likes to cuddle with her little lamby


Natalie said...

Did you see the lightening show? My kids loved the Children's museum and the Science museum!!

Karen said...

The lightening show was great.