Sunday, December 11, 2011

Trimming the tree

This is the first year since we've been married that we bought ornaments to put on the tree. We went with red and silver. The girls were excited to put them on.  I put on the tinsel and then we let Camille and Nattie put the ornaments on all by themselves. (Besides the lifting them up so they could reach the high parts.) In the end I only moved 5 or 6 around. Next year maybe we'll spring for a star that lights up and a real tree skirt. (I just always use a red blanket that we have.)

Loved that the glitter was getting all over their hands!

Our little elves.

Nattie also tested out some stockings.

We're getting excited for Christmas! :)


Yvonne Anderson said...

Don't feel bad. Our tree skirt is just a red head scarf. Talbs keeps pulling all the "balls" off of the tree and hiding them under the couch. I thought this year he would leave the tree alone. Last year he tipped it over several times..... Watch out for that Emily!

Melody said...

Oh, those darling girls! I wish we could visit and admire your tree in person, we miss you sooooo much. With our 6K-pound weight limit on household goods, I was afraid my piano would put us over so I put all my Christmas stuff in storage. Luckily another couple we came over with brought TWO trees (way to be prepared!) so we at least have a tree and some loaner ornaments. Your tree looks great, give everyone hugs from us!