Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sewing from scraps

The girls found some leftover princess cloth and wanted me to make them nightgowns. I knew there wasn't quite enough to make two nightgowns so I figured I'd make skirts. I rummaged through my cloth and found a chuck of pink to help supplement the other cloth. I managed to make two skirts then looking at the scraps I decided I could "alter" the pattern and attempt a little baby skirt too. Whaalaa 3 little matching skirts:

Finished product

sporting some great facial expressions

Lovin' baby Emmie

This is looking really nice

"I think we're really going to like these Mom."


MAK said...

I love it when you can please them with simple things!

Mary said...

You are so talented! The skirts look great!

charlesfam said...

Super Mom! They're adorable. Your girls are very lucky to have such a talented mom.

Kara said...

Very cute skirts! I bet the girls love them!

Lee and Melody said...

Cute skirts, darling girls! Wow, you do good work. :)