Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2ish more weeks

Today marks 2 weeks until I'm due. But we'll have to just wait and see when this baby decides to actually come. I figured it was probably time to take and post some belly shots.

Really, I was just going to throw up one picture but after I asked Camille to help take them I figured you'd need to see the play by play.

"Okay you're just going to push this you can see me on the screen."

"Camille can you see me?" "...Uhhhh...."

"Now point it up a little..."

"Move your finger off the little light."

Obviously, this time I was the weakest link!



Barb said...

Funny! I like the play by play.

Didi & Jason said...

Oh...hello lil baby in there! I want to see you

charlesfam said...

That was great! I'm impressed how well it did go. Good luck!

Lee and Melody said...

That was so funny! I laughed out loud, what a clever little Mil!

There is a youtube video of Christmas lights synched to music that Wyatt and Jana like, so sometimes I just turn it on and go do something else while they watch it over and over. Apparently Wyatt got hold of my camera during one of their viewing sessions, because I found 30 (seriously) pictures of the computer screen in varying stages of Christmas-light-blinking. Cameras are so fun. So are 3 year-olds. :)

Kara said...

So funny, loved the play by play. And you look so cute pregnant! We miss you guys. Good luck with the upcoming delivery of your sweet baby :) Can't wait to see pictures of her!

Amy said...

Karen, you have such a cute baby tummy!!