Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm a slow learner!

Camille has really taken a liking to coloring lately. The other day while she was busy coloring I decided to hop in the shower. When I came out of my room I hear Mil telling me from the other room,
"Oh Mom there are owies all over me. There are owies everywhere."
I could tell by her voice she was just pretending. When I walked out and saw her I tried not to laugh. She had on a very serious face. So what could I do but grab the camera and tell her to smile.

Of course, after the photo shoot we had a good talk about how to appropriately use markers, that writing on ourselves isn't okay, and the fact that she wouldn't be able to use her markers for a few days.

Fast forward to yesterday. I just pulled a load of clothes out of the dryer to discover they had been dried with a red crayon. As I was headed to the computer to look up possible solutions for the clothes Camille asked if she could please color with her markers. Feeling a strong distaste for crayons at that moment I decided it had been enough days that we could try markers again. After securing a promise from her that she would not write on herself, I handed her the markers and headed downstairs.

When I came back upstairs I was speechless!

Apparently she was trying to draw Tarzan. Why Tarzan has to be drawn on a wall and not on paper is beyond me.

Camille obviously was feeling a little guilty because she attempted to clean up.

Thanks to washable markers and magic eraser the wall is now back to it's original color and the markers have been retired until further notice.


Barb said...

So how do you get crayon out of clothes?

Karen said...

Still working on getting the crayon out but I found a recipe that people say works like a charm...
2 max caps of tide HE
1 Cup oxiclean in blue bottle
1 Cup borax
1 cap full clorox 2
1 Cup Shout spray
1 Cup white vinager distilled
Aprox. 1 gallon of very hot water

Kara said...

Wow! You've got quite the little artist on your hands don't you? I had to giggle a little bit at the marker "owies". But I think I would have taken the markers away too especially after the marker on the walls :)

Cynthia said...

Okay, that was hilarious. I liked the sequence of events! Very entertaining to the outside reader who has older children!
Love you all!