Wednesday, January 13, 2010

9 Months

Natalie turned 9 months old yesterday!
17.9 pounds
28 inches tall
LOVES to pull herself up on things!
Here are a few pictures from our photo shoot:

Not really into the whole "Mom wants to take a million pictures thing!"

I couldn't talk her into smiling

She's had her tongue hanging out for the pass two days....teething?

Of course, big sister wanted in on the action

Always finding something to help her stand up....(Camille want to show everyone she could stand up and hold onto a chair as well!)


thedeanfamily said...

I love reading the updates on your little girls. They are seriously so adorable! Check out those eye lashes on Millie...ooh lah lah. ;) Hope you guys are doing well

Yvonne Anderson said...

Man I want to squeeze those girls! Nattie doesn't seem to have quite the same amount of hair that Millie did at her age....I guess she was just to busy growing out those KILLER eyelashes!! Of course, she still smokes our girls in the hair department....

Our Family said...

HOnestly, your girls are the cutest!

Danica said...

She is growing up so quick. You want to know something funny. We had to take Bo in to the doctor because he had a rash. They weighed him and he is a little over 4mos. and he weighed just under 18lbs. Same as Camille. Crazy huh?

Lee and Melody said...

What big girls! That was pretty much the fastest 9 months ever. Wow.